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Show You're The Expert

Videos are a great way of demonstrating your industry knowledge and expertise and can make your business stand out above your competitors.  It can also help with your 'search-ability' and SEO. To maximise this opportunity, there needs to be a sequence to the videos that can build into a portfolio of infomercials.  This is a huge opportunity and one which can be managed effectively by OMG!

The videos can be created internally (a smartphone is great with the right training!), professionally with a videographer or still image videos can be created by OMG! We then distribute them across a range of platforms;

  • Website

  • YouTube

  • Google My Business

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn Business page

  • Twitter

YouTube Management includes;

  • Uploading the video to YouTube channel, with the necessary tags etc for maximium optimisation - cross references, advert pop ups, logos etc

  • Uploading the video to the WordPress website as a blog post

  • All relevant slugs, meta descriptions etc will be included with the relevant long tail key words

  • Upload to the Google My Business page

  • Share the video through all social media channels

  • Re share the content on a regular basis

  • Share when a video is relevant to a news article


"YouTube is, at the end of the day, a search engine... that's why Google bought it."

Jake Paul, American YouTuber

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