Doing It Yourself

For a variety of reasons, many organisations want to upskill a member of their own team to manage their social media profiles in-house.  While they may have the enthusiasm and personal knowledge of social media platforms, they may not have a marketing background and the necessary skills to be able to know who their audience is, what to say to engage with them or run a marketing campaign.

OMG! offer an 8 + 4 Week Coaching Programme which consists of 8 one hour weekly coaching sessions to develop and upskill your in-house team member followed by email support for four weeks thereafter.

Online marketing coaching

As a qualified trainer, I will design a lesson plan for each session but with flexibility to ensure that any issues which arise can be discussed and resolved. There will also be worksheets and handouts to complete and keep as part of the process.

The programme will be designed specifically for your business and industry and would also include

  • Dedicated weekly slot

  • Each session will start by reviewing the previous weeks activity

  • Each session will deliver tasks for the next week and learning outcomes

  • Email support in between sessions and for four weeks after



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