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It was started in 2015 by Josie Hadley after realising the growing, and often untapped, potential of social media marketing.  This is still very much the case but this is a part of the marketing mix - which many business owners think will solve all of their marketing woes.
Rather than work with a company part way down their marketing journey, we recognised that many opportunities were being missed before we were introduced.  This could be as simple as the wrong logo being used or the website had become out of date.  Other times, it was quite huge changes such as the business name did not represent the company to its full advantage.

After working on a consultancy basis with two very large local organisations, we were given the opportunity to demonstrate what we could do and the impact was huge!  From here, we realised we could facilitate greater changes to a business when given the opportunity. 

So now, by working with you right from the start we can get a greater return on you marketing investment and ensure your customers know who you are. Josie has over 30 years business experience and so can draw on her knowledge and experience to your advantage.

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Change in business name and direction...

We made a conscious move away from the name 'Online Marketing Growth' to 'Optimal Marketing Growth'.  We wanted to retain the 'OMG!' and after many ideas to change to 'O' we settled on 'Optimal':

  • Optimal – best or most favourable

  • Marketing - the action or business of promoting and selling products or services

  • Growth - the process of increasing in amount, value, or importance

This allowed to us develop the logo to represent the changes that have taken place within the company but with key elements remaining the same. The rationale behind this is:

  • the 'OMG!' letters have remained central to who we are as that's the impact we aim to have on our clients - where they say to us "Oh My God!"

  • after 7 years, we still get many positive comments on the letters

  • the encompassing circles represent the ideas, opportunities and supporting agencies we work with which surround your business

  • the shadow on our OMG! represents the new depth to the business

  • we kept the 'blue shelf' to represent that although things have changed, we are fundamentally the same with a solid base of experience and knowledge



Josie Hadley MA MCIM is a leading authority on social media having worked in this fast moving and exciting area of marketing for over seven years.  She has extensive knowledge and appreciation of both SMEs and multi-national brands – working with clients such as Pirelli Tyres and Moet & Chandon – gained from almost 30 years experience, across differing industries.

 She is passionate about social media and manages a wide portfolio of clients’ accounts - giving her daily contact with each platform and keeping her fully abreast of current trends and working practices. She is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

For Black Country Chamber of Commerce 2017 Business Awards, Josie was a judge for the category of ‘Best Use of Social Media’ – invited to do so in recognition of her knowledge and expertise in this area.  She also hosted two events as part of the Black Country Business Festival 2018 and received fantastic feedback.

As a fully accredited trainer, Josie not only has the knowledge of social media, but also the skills and experience to share this with others. She has delivered training and presentations to over 1000 delegates in various forms and most notably, on behalf of eBay, NatWest Commercial Bank and the Black Country Chamber of Commerce.

If you want to know more about Josie, pop over to her Q&A Blog!



What They’re Saying

Had a fantastic one to one workshop with Josie regarding Wooden Luxury Joinery's social media presence and how to improve. Josie's full of helpful tips and good advice

Chris Holland

I thought I knew quite a lot about Facebook but after a few hours with Josie Hadley I realised I knew diddly doo-dah!
If you want to learn the REALLY important stuff that will make the most difference to your Social Media presence then book one to one with her.

Lee Baker

I attended an OMG Session yesterday and it was brilliant! Josie provided an excellent insight into social media (from a personal and business perspective) and answered so many questions that everyone needs to know!! I’ll definitely be going back for a bespoke Session with OMG!!

Elaine Mitchell


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